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Police Still Baffled by Disappearance of Susan Powell, Utah Mom

Five days after a Utah mom's puzzling disappearance, police are calling the case
"suspicious" and say they will question the woman's husband a second time.

Susan Powell, 28, was last seen Sunday at her home in West Valley City. She
was reported missing by relatives on Monday when she failed to show up at her stockbroker job. But her disappearance continues to confound police. Her purse, cell phone and car were all left at home.

Susan's husband, Joshua Powell, also failed to show up at work on Monday, according to reports. At that point, the entire family was believed to be missing. However, the father and kids returned home Monday afternoon. Joshua Powell said he decided Sunday
night to take the children on a late-night camping trip.

Police say that Powell is not considered a suspect at this time. "The suspicious nature of this is that no one can tell us, or is [willing to
tell] us her whereabouts, and she has not contacted us or anyone we know about,"
Capt. Tom McLachlan told the Salt Lake Tribune.


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