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Police Stage School Bus Kidnapping Drill, Don't Tell Students (Video)

The tiny town of Rossford, Ohio has a population of 6,293, but apparently believes it may be targeted by school bus hijackers in the future.

So the town's police staged a school bus hijacking drill with unsuspecting students, as school teachers, administrators and transportation directors watched a live feed of the "training" (video below).

In the drill, an armed man hijacks the school bus and ties up the teens with electrical tape. Then the school bus drives to a parking lot, where a local SWAT team shoots out the tires and "rescues" the students, who apparently were not told about the drill beforehand.

“I didn’t know what was going on, because at the start he was just a normal person and then he pulled out a gun and a mask, and put it all on. Then he started tying everybody down and it just got really scary,” student Justin Klocko told WJRT.

Oddly, WJRT didn't question the authorities for not telling students or allowing them to opt out of the kidnapping drill, which was planned in May.

Instead, WJRT chirped: “Students say it’s an experience they’ll never forget, and one they hope they never to have to relive."

Source: WJRT


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