Video Released Of Cop Sniper Shooting Child Kidnapper (Video)

Oklahoma police have released dash-cam video footage showing the moment a police sniper shot and killed an armed man holding his estranged wife's two-year-old daughter hostage. The Oct. 18 incident followed a nearly three and half hour standoff. 

Salvador Reyes, 42, was shot dead as he repeatedly aimed his gun at his estranged wife's daughter on the balcony of her home, The Sun reports. Reyes was not the father of the child. 

Tulsa police were responding to a midnight domestic disturbance call —- Reyes had broken into his estranged wife's home while armed with a gun. The woman, her boyfriend and three of her four children had fled the residence and called the police, KTUL reports. 

As the family left, Reyes managed to grab his estranged wife's 2-year-old daughter in the front yard of the property, lingering there until police arrived, after which he locked himself in the home with his hostage, The Daily Mail reports. 

Tulsa Police Department spokesman Officer Leland Ashley affirmed police tried to persuade Reyes to turn himself in using a Spanish-speaking officer but to no avail. Reyes would appear with his child hostage on the balcony of the residence, would move the gun from the police to the toddler repeatedly, then disappear into the home again. 

Half-way through the stand-off, police made the decision to shoot Reyes in the head, that is, if he appeared on the balcony again with the toddler. 

At 3:06 a.m., the video shows Reyes falling to the ground in the instant police officer Jason Lawless shoots him. Officers immediately stormed into the house to secure the safety of the child. 

"Go. He's down, he's down, he's down," an officer shouts in the video.  

"That was a hell of a shot," another officer exclaims. 

The little girl was not harmed during the hostage situation. She was soon handed over to her mother, who had sought shelter with the rest of her family inside a police car. 

Reyes was declared dead at the scene.

Lawless was placed on paid administrative leave while police probe into whether the sniper shooting was the only option left available to them. They have yet to turn over their report to the office of the District Attorney.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Sun, KTUL / Photo Credit: Tulsa World via Gwinnet Daily Post/ Video Credit: The Daily Mail

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