Police Shove Reporter Aside To Block Him From Questioning Troubled Councilman (Video)


A news reporter in Detroit, Michigan is making his own headlines this morning after an incident involving a police officer and a disgraced local leader was caught on camera.

According to reports, Fox 2’s M.L. Elrick attended the first City Council community meeting on Tuesday night hoping to get a chance to ask President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. about his recent run in with the law. Cushingberry was previously pulled over for a routine traffic stop, but police discovered that he had an open container or alcohol and some marijuana in plain sight. The local politician was not arrested, however, and only received a ticket.

Elrick had been reporting on Cushingberry’s troubles for some time but had never gotten a statement out of him. So, when it came time for the City Council community meeting that Cushingberry was set to attend, Elrick decided to attend hoping that he could question him when he came into the building.

Elrick was set up and ready to go at the meeting, but just as Cushingberry walked past him to enter the meeting room, two Detroit police officers approached Elrick and pushed him against the wall in an effort to block him from speaking to the councilmember. It’s been noted that Elrick had already questioned other councilmembers earlier in the evening and was not blocked from doing so by officers.

In the shocking video of the incident, the two police officers can be seen wrestling Elrick against the wall. Elrick proceeds to follow one of the officers down the hallway as he attempts to get away from the camera.

"What are you doing, what are you doing," asks Elrick, while being shoved aside. "You know better than that. You don't push me around. Your job is to push around reporters? Where is that in the manual?"

The officer eventually goes to a secure area so that Elrick stops following him and refuses to answer any questions. Detroit police say that the officer was a sergeant and has since been removed from his position pending an investigation into the matter.

"I do think it says something that when public officials not only do not feel like they have to answer to the public but they use the police to keep the public from asking questions that something has gone very, very wrong in this city at a time when we hope that things are finally going right," said Elrick. The reporter claims that Cushingberry had the officers push him aside so that he was unable to ask any questions.


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