N.Y. Man Shot By Police After Going On Violent Rampage


A New York man went on a six-hour rampage in Astoria, Queens, slashing a mother of four, killing a liquor store owner, burning a homeless man and spraying officers with corrosive liquid.

Hundreds of NYPD officers took to the streets of Queens to go on a manhunt for 23-year-old Patrick James Dillon on March 6 after Dillon went on a violent rampage.

Dillon was stopped by two officers in his backyard at around 6 p.m. after tossing caustic liquid from a beer bottle at two officers, burning their hands and faces, The New York Daily News reports. Officers fired seven shots at Dillon, hitting him in the legs twice.

The crime spree began at around 11:30 a.m. when he knifed a 39-year-old mother of four in the face and neck. The woman was Dillon’s neighbor, according to CNN.

Hours later, Dillon fatally stabbed the 55-year-old owner of a liquor store and lit a 61-year-old homeless man on fire after spraying him with gasoline.

The homeless man was hospitalized and is reportedly in critical but stable condition.

Sources told CNN that all of the attacks appeared to be random.

Police said they saw Dillon near the scene of the first crime he committed at around 5:40 p.m. after he had broken into another apartment. He was holding a bottle of accelerant and a green kitchen knife.

The mother slashed by Dillon is reportedly in stable condition at a city hospital.

“This has been a very unusual day here in Astoria,” NYPD Assistant Chief Diana Pizzuti said. She also thanked the “hundreds of police officers who looked high and low" for Dillon.

After their confrontation, both Dillon and the NYPD officers were taken to the hospital. The officers are in stable condition, and Dillon is in critical but stable condition, sources told CNN.

Sources: New York Daily News, CNN / Photo Credit: NYPD, Angus Mordant via New York Daily News

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