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Authorities: Man Who Was Shot By Police Was A 'Sociopath,' Family: He Was 'Loving, Kind'

Joe Cody, 59, was shot and killed by police in Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday. In the wake of his death, two very different portrayals of the man have emerged.

Cody was a registered sex offender who had been sentenced to life in prison in 1985 for murder but was reportedly released on parole in 2008, The Dallas Morning News reports. He also served prison time after being convicted of sexual assault and aggravated robbery in 1974, according to court documents. He was then convicted of another aggravated sexual assault while in prison in 1991. 

Former prosecutor Andy Beach said Cody was a “white supremacist.”

“He was a sociopath. He really was,” Beach told The Dallas Morning News. “He was a scary, scary fellow.”

Cody was reportedly shot after he pulled a gun on officers when they moved to arrest him for an alleged parole violation.

“You talk about life coming full circle,” Beach said. It’s unclear what the violation was.

Cody’s family disputes his reputation as a racist rapist, murderer and robber. Rosa Cody, his sister, said her brother was an “excellent person” who didn’t deserve to be shot.

“What the cops did to him was wrong,” she said. “Putting all them bullets in him like they did — and four cops? That was wrong.”

Rosa claimed she didn’t know anything about her brother’s past crimes, but said he paid his dues to society by spending time in prison.

“They shouldn’t hold that accountable to him because all that was in his past,” she said.

“He was a loving, kind brother," she added. "You couldn’t ask for a better brother.”

Arthur Lucero III, 33, was working in the area when he saw police officers and heard them shouting. He told The Dallas Morning News that he heard one shot and then about one more.

“All you heard was one single shot, and then the cops cut loose,” he said. “Within three or four seconds, it was all done.”

Sources: The Dallas Morning News (2)

Image via Texas Department of Public Safety


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