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Police Shoot German Shepherd, Promise to Pay Vet Bills, Refuse to Pay (Video)

Police promised to pay for the veterinary care of a dog that they shot in El Monte, California, and then refused to, according to the dog's owners (video below).

Police officers entered a residential property on Wednesday, ignoring two signs that said “Beware of Dog.”

“They just came in our door without calling us or anything,” 11-year-old Winston Nguyen told KABC-TV. “Then our dog ran up to the police and the police shot it.”

Police were called to the home after Winston Nguyen’s 14-year-old brother allegedly ran away.

Family members said they asked police to call ahead of their arrival. Security camera footage shows two police officers entering the fenced-in yard and leaving the gate open.

One police officer pet a pit bull named "Rascal," but pulled a gun when a German Shepherd named "Kiki" charged toward the gate.

“Police thought the dog was attacking, so she shot,” Chi Nguyen told KTLA-TV via translation provided by his son Winston Nguyen.

The Nguyen family claims that the El Monte Police Department offered to pay for veterinary care for Kiki, but then refused to do so, after hearing the dog's care would cost $7,000.

"My dad and I, we took the dog to the hospital but then it was too expensive so we just put her to sleep," said Winston Nguyen.

“The incident is being treated as an officer-involved shooting and is under investigation. As such, the city cannot comment on this matter," a city spokesperson told KABC-TV.

In another police-dog shooting, in Liberty Hill, Texas, a German Shepherd named "Vinny" was shot in the neck on Monday by a police officer who claims that the dog came running at him while he as trying to serve a warrant.

“This dog wasn't after him. This dog was just running up going, 'Hey what are you doing?' and they have a right to do that. This is my yard. This man should not have even been there. He could have killed my husband's best friend,” owner Renata Simmons told KEVU-TV.

It turned out that police were serving the warrant at the wrong home.

A non-profit organization “Georgetown Animal Outreach” is collecting donations for the medical care of Vinny.



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