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Police Shoot Female Journalist At Standing Rock (Video)

Erin Schrode was hit by a police rubber bullet near Cantapeta Creek in Standing Rock, North Dakota, on Nov. 2 while she was filming an interview with a demonstrator (video below).

Fusion, a website that Schrode has written for, notes that the activist/journalist was interviewing a Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrator when she suddenly got hit, let out a cry and dropped to the ground with her camera.

Schrode told Fusion that she recalled being in "excruciating pain," and added: "I couldn’t fathom that I’d just been hit. Why would they target me? Why would they shoot anyone? There was absolutely nothing violent, aggressive, provocative going on at the protests yesterday."

Schrode was initially unaware that she filmed herself being shot, but posted the video on Facebook on Nov. 3 alongside her story:

I was standing innocently onshore, not making any aggressive gestures, never exchanging a single word with the police who fired at my lower back from their boat.

Peaceful souls were seeking to cross the river to hold a prayer circle on Army Corps public land, but halted by over one hundred hostile military police armed with and deploying tear gas, pepper spray, batons, and rubber bullets, as well as assault weapons and the threat of jail, only one week after 141 individuals were brutally arrested.

I was shot at pointblank range, dozens were maced and pepper sprayed in the face, hundreds faced freezing waters. There were no arrests or deaths and I will be okay physically, but the safety and wellbeing of many peoples and lands remain in danger, for present and future generations.

Police were caught on video on Nov. 2 using pepper spray and rubber bullets on Native American protesters and others, who refer to themselves as water protectors. The demonstrators appeared to be wading in the river when the police used their weapons.

The Morton County Sheriff's Department said in a statement that one protester tossed bottles at police, while another charged the police line, notes ABC News.

"Authorities used less-than-lethal ammunition to control the situation," the sheriff's department said. "No lethal shots were fired from law enforcement."

Sources: Fusion, ABC News, Erin Schrode/Facebook / Photo Credit: Erin Schrode/Facebookvia YouTube

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