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Police Shoot Dog Defending Owner As Cops Arrest Him for Loud Music (Video)

Leon Rosby recently filmed police in Hawthorne, California, which ended with him being arrested and his dog killed by officers.

Rosby stopped his car outside a house, left the music in his car playing loudly and got out of the car with his 130-pound, 3-year-old Rottweiler "Max" on Sunday at 7 p.m.

The car windows were down so the music can be heard.

Rosby told the that he started filming the house, which was surrounded by police cars, with his cell phone "to make sure nobody's civil rights were being violated."

Meanwhile, Rosby was being filmed by another resident resident, Gabriel Martinez, with his cell phone (graphic video below).

At one point, two police officers begin to approach Rosby. He places his dog back in the car, which is still playing loud music.

"It's distracting the officers. It's interfering with what they are able to hear. It's not just a party call. It's an armed robbery call. The officers need to hear what's going on with the people being called out of the residence. That music in his car is bleeding over and it's distracting them," said Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain.

A neighbor said Rosby yelled: "It's my [expletive] radio!" to officers.

"I do apologize if I didn't immediately comply," Rosby counters. "The music may have been a little loud, but I was complying."

Rosby gave himself up for arrest, but shortly after police placed handcuffs on him, the dog jumped out of the car and approached police who fatally shoot him.

"There was no way Max should have died like that," Rosby said. "Max was only protecting his master. He was trying to stop them from beating on me."

"I know it's the dog's master, and more than likely not going to attack him, we've got a guy handcuffed that's kind of defenseless. We have a duty to defend him too," said Lt Swain.

Rosby was held overnight in jail on suspicion of obstruction of justice and released the next day without being charged.

Rosby is planning a lawsuit against the Hawthorne Police Department.




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