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Police Shoot And Kill 80-Year-Old Man After Wrongfully Raiding His Home For Meth

An 80-year-old man was shot and killed by police officers after they mistakenly thought he was cooking methamphetamine in his home.

The slain man is Eugene Mallory, a retired engineer living in the rural fringes of Los Angeles County.

On June 27, 2013, Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies stormed onto Mallory's property and into his house. LA County Sheriff narcotics expert Patrick Hobbs claimed he “smelled the strong odor of chemicals” coming from Mallory’s home.

After breaking into the home, deputies claim Mallory was walking down the hallway with a gun pointed at them. Sgt. John Bones says he told Mallory to drop his gun, and when the elderly man refused to comply, they shot him. The shot killed Mallory.

The deputies have since revised their story -- they were forced to do so after puddles of blood found on Mallory’s mattress indicated he was shot while lying on his bed.

Investigators found yet another problem with the deputy’s story after listening to an audio recording of the event. Rather than shooting Mallory after he refused to drop his gun, deputies shot Mallory first and then ordered him to drop the gun.

When it was all said and done, Sgt. Bones shot Mallory six times. Mallory’s gun was found on his bedside table without one shot fired.

The raid turned up no evidence of methamphetamines. Mallory’s widow, Tonya Pate, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

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