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Police Shoot 3 Pit Bulls to Stop Attack on Ignacio Meza and Daughter (VIDEO)

A Fort Worth, Texas, man is recovering after being mauled while trying to separate his dog from attack by stray Pit Bulls. Officers were forced to shoot the three Pit Bulls in order to rescue the man.

A father and daughter were both injured during the incident. It started on Tuesday shortly after midnight in the 3300 block of North Crump Street, in the northern part of the city. The father, 45-year-old Ignacio Meza, and his two daughters were reportedly in the area looking for their own lost dog.

According to a responding police officer, Meza heard a commotion coming from the side yard of a home. He then saw his dog being attacked by three pit bulls. He ran over to break up the dog fight. However, the dogs then turned on him and began attacking him instead.

A neighbor saw the attacks and called 911. Ariel Maldonado ran to look out of her back door just after midnight. She saw Meza struggling to fight off the dogs, and says that one of the dogs biting Meza was his own. Maldonado's husband tried to help, according to MyFox.

"He was just laying on the ground trying to get the dogs away but he couldn't," said George Torres. "He couldn't even move."

Police officials state that the emergency calls about the incident were witnesses stating that the three dogs were “killing” the man.

During the fight, one of the man’s daughters, 26, attempted to help her father, and the dogs started to attack her as well.

Police officers arrived at the home and found the man on the ground, no longer able to defend himself due to his injuries. His daughter was kneeling next to him, still trying to help out. The daughter suffered minor injuries during the attack and was taken to the hospital. Her current condition is not known.

Meza reportedly said to the officer, “Shoot the dog. He’s killing me.” One officer fired shots toward the animals and they scattered. But as the pit bulls then charged at the officer, he fired additional shots that killed at least two dogs.

Meza was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. “He had many bites,” police said.

Officers said tactical medical kits issued to officers were used to help stem the flow of blood on the father until emergency personnel could arrive.

The victim’s lost dog who was initially attacked to begin this chain of events has still not been located since the attack. “We looked,” added Rodricks, “and were not able to find that dog.”

The deceased animals have been taken to Animal Control and will be tested for rabies. The owners of these dogs are not known.

Sources: CBS, Night Cap, My Fox


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