Police Shoot 2 American Bulldogs Attacking New Jersey Woman (Video)

A gruesome attack by two American Bulldogs on a 55-year-old Plainfield, New Jersey, woman was caught on a cell phone camera by K'Shawn Scott, as witnesses try desperately to pull the unrelenting dogs off the victim. The dogs’ owner also tried unsuccessfully to intervene in the frenzied attack. One woman tried to cover the victim like a human shield, while others grabbed the dogs by the back legs to pull them away. But they broke loose and resumed their attack on the helpless woman, while another witness hit them with a stick. After about five minutes, Plainfield Police officers arrive and shoot both dogs.

The dogs were identified as 5-year old American Bulldogs, named Max and Marley, and are shown biting the woman constantly with onlookers screaming in horror. The attack lasted more than five minutes according to witnesses.

K'Shawn Scott was driving by and filmed the video with his cell phone. He can be heard urging people to help and saying, 'The lady is screaming, 'Oh my god, they're biting her.'

When three Plainfield police officers arrived, the victim was trying desperately to shield herself from one of the dogs, which had its teeth around her head, according to the officer. The victim was only semi-conscious and bleeding profusely. Neighbors screamed for the police to shoot the dogs.

Police fired five bullets (on camera), killing both dogs. Plainfield Police Captain Ed Santiago told the Asbury Park Press he had no issues with the officers’ decision to act, according to the Daily Mail. 'The next bite of a dog like that could have been a jugular. It could have killed her. 'They weren’t even paying attention to their owner,' Santiago added.

The woman, whom police identified as a 55-year-old Plainfield resident, was simply walking down the street the attack occurred, according to NBC New York. The owner said she had released the dogs into her yard and did not know the gate was open. She was cited for having vicious and unleashed dogs.

The victim is reported to be in fair condition at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Sources: NBC New York, Daily Mail


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