Police Sharp Shooter Frees Deer with Gun Shots (Video)

A recently released video (below) shows a police officer using his handgun to shoot apart the antlers of two bucks, which had become tangled in an Illinois field last week.

According to the Daily Mail, The bucks became locked together and faced a long death if not pulled apart.

An Illinois Conservation Police Officer, State Trooper and Will County Forest Preserve Officer all responded to the scene.

"He's worn out, he's going to give you a shot," says a police officer as the men circle the animals. "Take it if you can!"

Another law enforcement officer takes four shots before the antlers finally break, separating the deer, who quickly dash away.

The Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources told the Daily Mail: "Fights among male deer are common and occasionally their antlers become entangled. Sometimes the deer are able to free themselves…sometimes not, and in those instances we have found deer which become locked together and perish before someone comes along to find and possibly free them."

Source: Daily Mail


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