Police Seeking To Arrest Teacher After Clip Of What She Did To 3-Year-Old Goes Viral (Video)


Police officers in Oklahoma are reportedly seeking arrest warrants after a teacher was caught on camera forcing hand sanitizer into a 3-year-old’s mouth because she wouldn’t take a nap.

Shemika Feh, the mother of 3-year-old Zhuri Feh, shared a video (shown below) on Thursday of what she and her husband believe to be evidence that a school director at Liberty Academy in Shawnee, Oklahoma, abused their daughter by forcing hand sanitizer into her mouth.

“I received a text … from Zhuri’s teacher,” Feh told KFOR. “She said [preschool director Zabrinna] Myers has been putting hand sanitizer in Zhuri’s mouth.”

The concerned teacher secretly filmed Myers abusing Zhuri with the sanitizer, and also recorded audio of her questioning the 3-year-old about the incident. Zhuri described the taste of the sanitizer as “nasty.”

Feh and her husband contacted Shawnee police, who later confirmed that they were seeking two arrest warrants. They declined to elaborate on who the warrants were for.

“Two employees of Liberty Academy have been let go until further notice, for a pending investigation of child neglect,” Sgt. Dan Shumaker of the Shawnee Police Department said. Shumaker told reporters that Cpl. Austin Bizzel spoke with Zhuri’s parents about the incident.

“Through his investigation and talking with employees, he also came to the conclusion that something was a mess [sic] and lead [sic] him to believe that there was enough evidence for him to go ahead go file out-of-custody warrants,” he said.

Feh said she was concerned about what could have happened if the abuse continued, and was thankful that the teacher spoke up when she did.

“I’m a nurse, my husband’s a nurse … so we both know what damage it can cause,” she said.

“I appreciate the teacher who took the phone, with a godly mind, to call and report this issue," Zhuri's father, Godwin Feh, said.

Police have presented their case to the Pottawatomie County District Attorney's Office and could issue warrants as early as Friday, KFOR reported.

Sources: KFORNews 9

Photo Credit: kfor.com, okcfox.com


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