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Police Seek Woman Who Tried To Sell Food Stamps On Facebook

Police in Bristol, Connecticut, are seeking a woman who tried to sell food stamps on the Facebook page ‘Bristol Talks.’

The woman, who used the name Rana MaShell Quiza wrote: “Trying to sell food stamps in Bristol anyone interested I got 80 today and 400 on Wednesday I'm trying to get 50 for the 80 and 260 for the 400.”

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Though Quiza may not know that her actions are illegal, people were outraged by the brazen attempt at fraud.

“I think that's idiotic...stupid,” said Jeff Soule of Bristol. “I served my country for 12 years and anyone who does that is just low.”

Linda Marcantonio commented, “It's a program for people who need it. And if you need it, you need to keep it, not sell it.” She added: “She should be investigated. She's looking for trouble.”

Quiza’s post and profile have since been removed, but police hope her friends will turn her in.

Sources: WFSB, USDA Image via USDA/Flickr


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