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California Police Searching For 8-Year-Old Girl Who Went Missing While Riding Scooter

Police are searching for 8-year-old Madyson Middleton, who reportedly went missing on the evening of July 26 while riding her scooter outside of her mother’s apartment complex in the coastal town of Santa Cruz, California.

Police spokeswoman Joyce Blaschke told the San Jose Mercury News that Madyson was spotted on video surveillance footage of the apartment complex around 5:05 p.m., but that she hasn’t been seen since.

"The Santa Cruz Police Department has flooded the area with additional officers and detectives," Blascke said. "Officers have scoured the complex and surrounding areas, including the woodland, parks and river levee in an attempt to locate Madyson."

A K9 unit tracked Madyson’s scent to the beach, but investigators were unable to locate her, KGO reported.

"We will be working around the clock following up on all leads," Blaschke said. "Please report any possible sightings. They are crucial to assist in locating the missing child as soon as possible."

Members of the community have also joined in the search for Madyson, who is described as being 4 feet tall and weighing 48 pounds. At the time of her disappearance, she was riding a white scooter while wearing a purple knee-length dress with black leggings, a black baseball style helmet. Her long, dark hair was braided and pulled to the side.

Police encouraged anyone who has information regarding Madyson’s whereabouts to call 911.

Sources: San Jose Mercury News, KGO

Image via San Jose Mercury News


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