Police Search For Woman Who Leapt Out Of Car Traveling 50 MPH To Avoid Psych Ward


Pennsylvania police are searching for a woman who allegedly leapt out of a car traveling down the highway Friday to avoid a trip to the psychiatric hospital.

The parents of Susan L. Bachman, 37, say they were driving her to Clarion Psychiatric Center for a voluntary commitment, when she rolled out of the car on Interstate 80 around 8:30 a.m.

Her father Bill Bachman said he was driving 60 to 65 mph when Susan Bachman opened her door, but managed to slow down to 50 by the time she jumped out. She rolled for a bit before getting to her feet and fleeing into the woods. The family fears Bachman injured herself when she landed.

Police searched the area with bloodhounds and a police helicopter for five hours. Bachman’s cell phone and wallet containing her license, credit car and ATM card were found in an abandoned barn.

Now her family is making a public appeal to help find the 5-foot-4 redhead.

"We really want out daughter back. Please help us find her," her mother Nancy Bachman said in a video statement.

Her parents say lately she has been suffering from depression and anxiety.

The family started a website, findsusanbachman.com, where they are trying to organize another search Monday at noon.

Sources: WTAJ, New York Daily News


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