Police Search For Suspects Who Rigged Playground With Razor Blades, Other Sharp Objects


Staff at a California playground say they found double-edged razors, blades from boxcutters and bent forks wedged into playground equipment and placed in the sand at Oro Grande Park.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department believes the dangerous items were concealed in order to harm children.

The discovery was made at the park Tuesday.

“Many of the blades were wedged into the playground equipment with intent to conceal the dangerous items so they would injure the children,” the Sheriff’s Department said in a release.

"That is awful, that is just criminal," Sharon Slowik told WLS-TV. "I grew up in Detroit. A lot of criminal activity with razor blades in Halloween candy. So having this, it's very sad."

No one was injured.

Authorities warned parents to examine all playground equipment before letting their children use it.

“We need to protect our children and we need anyone who has information regarding this serious crime to come forward,” Sgt. Jim Evans said in the release. “We are thankful to park employees for doing a thorough inspection of their facilities and locating these dangerous items before a child was injured.”

A similar incident occurred in Philadelphia in April when razor blades were found glued to playground equipment in Eaton Park. The report was almost identical to an incident in Illinois when a dozen razor blades where glued to East Moline playground equipment, where a 2-year-old cut his hand.

Sources: KTLA, NBC Los Angeles, NJ.com, WLS-TV

Image credit: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office, Flickr


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