Deer Saved By Police Taser (Video)


Police in Minnesota used a taser to help free a deer from entanglement with a rival buck that died during the fight, and the incident was caught on camera.

According to reports, Jayme Pantekoek witnessed the fight between the two bucks on Sunday and noticed that one of the deer died as a result. Unfortunately for the other one, it was unable to get away, as the two bucks’ antlers became locked.

“He still had a lot of fight in him,” Pantekoek explained. “Probably drug him, you know, two houses down from our house and back.”

The situation became dangerous when a coyote made its way to the scene to investigate, so out of an abundance of caution, Pantekoek called police for assistance.

When police arrived, Officer Ricky Syhre suggested they use a taser on the deer to help free it from the dead deer’s antlers.

“We didn’t want the deer to get any more injured than what it was,” Syhre said. “Residents, we didn’t want them to get injured trying to get them involved with it too.”

In the clip captured on camera, Syhre’s partner Officer Jon Wareham pulled out his stun gun and used it to knock the deer out and, with help from Pantekoek’s battery-powered saw, saw off the dead buck's antler. Less than a minute after the antler was sawed off, the deer woke up and ran off.

“The timing was very important to get in, get the job done, get out as fast as you can to clear the area,” Pantekoek explained.

Check out the crazy incident in the footage below.

Sources: CBS Minnesota, Minneapolis Star Tribune


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