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LAPD: Middle School Shooting Was Accidental (Photos)

LAPD: Middle School Shooting Was Accidental (Photos) Promo Image

Police said that a shooting at a Los Angeles middle school which left four children injured was accidental.

According to the Daily Mail, a 12-year-old girl was arrested in connection with a shooting at Salvador Castro Middle School in Los Angeles on Feb. 1.

Los Angeles police spokesman Josh Rubenstein said that the girl was charged with negligent discharge of a firearm on school grounds. The charge came after one of the girl's classmates said that she was sobbing after the gun was fired and told him repeatedly, "I didn't mean it."

The girl told her classmate that the gun was in her backpack and that it accidentally discharged when she dropped her bag.

Another classmate also told police that the girl hadn't intended to hurt anyone and said that she thought she had a toy gun.

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The shooting left two children, two teenagers, and one adult staff member injured.

"At this time, the information suggests that this was an isolated incident, involving the negligent discharge of a firearm, where innocent children and a staff member were unfortunately injured," the LAPD said in a statement, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The 12-year-old girl was reportedly taken to Los Angeles County's Juvenile Hall following the incident.

According to the Times, the gun went off in a classroom at the middle school shortly after the opening bell, causing students to run from the area.

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Police recovered a semiautomatic handgun from the scene.

When police arrived, they found a 15-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to the head, a 15-year-old girl with a gunshot wound to the wrist, and three other students with minor injuries.

The boy who was shot in the head was in stable condition at LAC-USC Medical Center following the incident and is expected to make a full recovery.

The three other victims, a 30-year-old woman, a 12-year-old girl, and an 11-year-old boy, all suffered minor injuries, including two from gunshots.

News footage from shortly after the incident showed police walking a young dark-haired girl in a sweatshirt from the school in handcuffs.

Parents and officials questioned how the student was able to access the gun and bring it to school.

"We do not know yet ... how our young person on this campus ended up having the ability to have access to a firearm and bring it onto campus," said Los Angeles School Police Chief Steve Zipperman. "We have laws that mandate that parents who own guns, any adult who owns a gun, any gun owner, has an obligation to ensure that gun is locked inside a home."

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