Memphis Police: Local Millionaire Drugged And Brutally Raped Woman, Told Her It Was Part Of Her Job Interview


Police released a list of items Monday that were discovered while executing a search warrant on a Tennessee man’s home. The Memphis-area businessman, Mark Giannini, is out on bond but charged with aggravated rape in an alleged, brutal sexual assault against a woman he invited to his home to interview for a house-cleaning job.

Police said they found twenty toothbrushes, eight computer flash drives, four guns, nipple clamps, various sex toys, a pink leash, handcuffs and a collection of lingerie when they searched Giannini’s home, according to WBTV. He has also been charged with drug trafficking in connection with numerous unmarked bottles of prescription drugs found in the home.

Investigators claim Giannini, 48, lured the victim, a mother of four, to his home by promising her work cleaning the house. Once there, he is said to have served the woman an orange-flavored cocktail. The woman claims she began to feel uncomfortable and said she was ready to go home.

Giannini allegedly grabbed her arm and said, “No you are not.” 

Police say he then raped the unidentified woman repeatedly over a three-hour period, according to WREG. He reportedly told the woman the rape was part of her job interview. 

Investigators say the businessman then had an employee drive the victim to a nearby motel where she was found by family members to be "in a mentally altered state and in and out of consciousness.”

They took her to nearby Baptist East Hospital where nurses found her foaming at the mouth as if she were suffering from a drug overdose, reports WAFB. She was treated for injuries sustained to her neck and face, as well as bleeding and bruising sustained during the alleged rape.

Deborah Clubb with Memphis Area Women's Council said she is deeply troubled by the allegations.

“It's nauseating and it's terrifying,” she said. “It's horrific, and it's chilling to know that this has been happening there.

“He happens to be someone who has the means and the time and the stuff to absolutely make this a full-time hobby,” Clubb added. “I hope anyone who behaves like this and treats women like this can be caught by our system and stopped.”

Giannini’s attorney, Steve Farese, said his client is not guilty of the charges against him.


Photo Source: WAFB


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