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Police Say Baby Who Was Found Dead In A Swamp Died From Drowning Or Hypothermia

More details about the weeks-old baby who was found dead in a Sacramento, California swamp on Feb. 25 have emerged, but questions still remain.

Woodland Police Captain Dale Johnson told KCRA received a phone call on Feb. 24 from Samantha Green, the baby's mother, about a lost baby. The mother and child were both considered missing at one point.

When police arrived at the shore of a Knights Landing swamp, they found Green alive but she was “crying and hysterical,” according to investigators.

Police found the baby, Justice Rees, a day later.

A preliminary autopsy report showed the baby likely died from drowning or hypothermia. It also showed that the child was in good health and showed no obvious signs of abuse.

Coroners have yet to determine the exact time of the baby’s death and toxicology results won’t be available for several months.

Police are working to piece together the mysterious case.

Green, 23, originally told police that she and her baby were kidnapped.

A car was found near the swamp and evidence shows Green drove it there herself and did not come in contact with anyone else before the baby was found, police said.

“The only person we know that was involved was the mother,” Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto told KCRA. “Detectives have spoken to the mother. We haven’t been able to receive any real positive information or anything that’s going to give us a clear direction.”

Green also told investigators she was raped and named the person who who did it, but Prieto said they need more information.

“We have not been able to substantiate that allegation,” Prieto said. “We’re not saying it didn’t happen. We’re having difficulty substantiating it. We’re not ignoring it.”

The investigation is ongoing. Prieto told The Sacramento Bee they “are definitely not calling this a homicide.”

Sources: NY Daily News, KCRA / Photo Credit: Woodland Police via KCRA


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