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Suicidal Pregnant Woman Lights Herself On Fire, Baby Dies (Photos)

Learning a person is suicidal isn't easy for anybody, not the least a police officer rushing to the scene in time to prevent the worst from happening.

It's the kind of thing most would feel sadness and even compassion over.

But how do you respond when that suicidal person is a pregnant woman? Even worse, a pregnant woman who survived after lighting herself on fire, but ended up killing her unborn child in the process?

"She was transported to Harborview Medical Center where the child was delivered at nearly full term, but sadly the infant died shortly thereafter," Kent, Washington police spokeswoman Melanie Robinson Robinson said of the 34-year-old woman, the Kent Reporter reports.

Detectives say they are currently investigating the case further and are not certain whether or not they will arrest the mother, who is currently in critical condition.

Whether it was related to the pregnancy or another issue, it is not yet clear what might have caused the mother to attempt suicide.

Yet it is not uncommon for pregnant woman to feel depressed and even attempt suicide as a result of their condition.

Casey Mullins wrote about the time she attempted suicide while carrying her baby as a result of pregnancy-related complications, Your Tango reports.

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"I'll stop right here and say that no sane person would ever think trying to kill themselves while pregnant is a good idea," Mullins confessed, sharing her story so that others like her don't feel alone. "At the time I was unwell, untreated and unmedicated."

Luckily, she and the baby survived. Mullins received treatment and is fine now, but uses her story to take depressed pregnant woman more seriously.

"My cries for help were overlooked because of my pregnancy," said Mullins, in reference to the moments before she attempted suicide. "Rather than being taken seriously, I was treated like a whiny and wimpy pregnant woman—placated with naps and pats on the head."

"There may always be a stigma around depression and suicide, and for a long time I vowed never to admit what happened during my first pregnancy in regards to my overdose," she adds. "But I know now that I am not the only one who has been through this. I know sharing my story can, has and will help pregnant women all over the world seek help and feel less alone."

Sources: Kent Reporter and YourTango/Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Embedded Photo Credit: Kent Reporter and YourTango

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