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Mother Shields Baby In 30-Foot Fall From Overpass

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Two women and a baby were knocked off an overpass after a car crash on an interstate in Waco, Texas on May 16. 

The two women, Jennifer Duncan and Ashley Anderson, were standing on the interstate after a minor accident involving their two cars, KXXV reports.  Duncan was apparently holding her 8-month-old son, Daniel Vega, when an oncoming truck hit the two women and knocked them off the bridge they were standing on.  

The women were both seriously injured, but the baby avoided injury because his mother shielded him with her body during the fall, according to KWTX.

After a caller reported the incident, police, firefighters and EMS arrived on scene. When the first responders arrived, they found the trio lying on the ground below the overpass from which they'd fallen. 

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Waco Police Sgt W. Patrick Swanton told KWTX the initial accident involved three vehicles, and the second accident involved two more vehicles that sent a pickup truck hurtling into the two women and the baby, causing them to fall off the overpass. It was a 30-foot drop to the ground below.

The two women had broken bones and various internal injuries, but the infant had only a scratch.

"It is believed this is due to the mother shielding the baby during the fall and doing everything she could to protect her child on impact with the roadway," Swanton said.  

The three were taken by ambulance to hospital, where they remain under evaluation, according to KWTX.  

Sources: KWTX, KXXV / Photo credit: KWTX

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