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Officer Hit By Car During Charlotte Protests (Video)

Video has surfaced that appears to show a protester in Charlotte, North Carolina, hitting a police officer with his or her car before driving off (video below).

In the 30-second clip, a small group of protesters is backing away as police in riot gear slowly move toward the group. As the protesters begin to disperse, the officers cross in front of a black vehicle that was parked in the immediate area.

An officer turns around and tries to move out of the way of the car as it starts rolling forward, slowly picking up speed. The officer manages to avoid being run over but appears to be side-swiped. He is thrown to the ground as the car speeds off, and his fellow officers quickly surround him so he cannot be attacked.

The incident is one of many that occurred during a second night of violent protests over the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott. Republican North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency as property was damaged, stores were looted and at least four police officers were injured, according to CNN.

One man is in critical condition after reportedly being shot by a fellow protester.

"We cannot tolerate violence," McCrory told CNN. "We cannot tolerate the destruction of property and will not tolerate the attacks against our police officers that is occurring right now."

Police union spokesman Todd Walther said he had seen the dashcam video of Scott's death, and that the officer who shot him was justified in using deadly force.

"[Scott] was seated in [the car] when he was approached, but when he exited that vehicle, he was given clear commands to drop the weapon -- and he did not do that," Walther said. "So he was armed when he came out of that vehicle and refused to listen to officers."

On Sept. 22, Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney said the department would not be releasing the video of Scott's shooting to the public.

Sources: YouTube, CNN / Photo credit: YouTube, DaShawn Brown/Twitter

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