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Police Revive Man Who Has No Pulse (Video)

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Pennsylvania police were able to revive a man after he fell unconscious, with no pulse, behind the wheel of his car (video below).

Authorities in Ohio Township got called in about an erratic driver April 16. Cops found the vehicle on the side of the road with the driver inside and unresponsive.

“He reaches in for a pulse, he feels no pulse, he unstraps the individual,” said Ohio Township Police Chief Norbert Micklos.

Officer Steve Panormios, an eight-year veteran of the force, immediately retrieved an AED kit from his patrol vehicle and tried to get the man’s pulse back.

 “I think that’s when your training kicks in,” said Chief Micklos. “Your instinct kicks in to just save people.”

Panormios then performs chest compressions slowly until the victim raises his hand.

“He regained a pulse on the individual,” Chief Micklos said. “Another medic arrived and applied some oxygen until other medics arrived.”

Officers shared the dash cam video of the incident with WPXI and it was later posted on YouTube.

Emergency response then took the unnamed 46-year-old man to the hospital. Though the officers initially believed the man was having natural heart-related problems, the man eventually admitted to doing drugs.

“We later found out from a conversation with the medics that he had snorted a bag of heroin earlier,” said Chief Micklos.

He called the police April 19 to thank the officer for saving his life, according to KDKA. Authorities say the man won’t be indicted for the incident.

"There's an epidemic that's going on this in this country," Micklos said. "My officers are not only facing people that are in medical cardiac arrest, but they could also be using heroin."

Sources: WPXI, KDKA / Photo credit: Ohio Township via WPXI

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