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Curious Canine Gets Stuck In Cat House

Suffolk Police received an emergency call from the owner of a Golden Retriever, named Buddy, who got his head stuck in a cat house in their backyard in Medford, New York, on Friday morning, ABC7 reports.

Sgt. Kit Gabrielson, along with Fifth Precinct officers Stephen Lukas and Martin Gill, responded to the Long Island home on Holland Avenue around 11:10 a.m.

A photo issued by police shows a "front door" with a cat-sized hole near the bottom. Buddy's head is tightly wedged in the cat entrance says the New York Patch.

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Buddy's three new best friends used crowbars and a hammer to dismantle the entire cat house in order to free him.

His owner was relieved and grateful that Buddy escaped unharmed and that Suffolk Police went beyond the call of duty to save the curious canine.

Sources: ABC 7, Patch


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