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Police Rescue Dog Who Was Left In The Backseat Of A Car On A 97 Degree Day (Video)

A Georgia pet owner has been charged with cruelty to animals after leaving his dog in the backseat of a car to go shopping.

The Roswell Police Department responded to a call about a dog left inside a car at a parking lot. The temperature outside was 97 degrees, but the two officers learned that the temperature inside the vehicle was a staggering 150 degrees despite the driver’s window being rolled down.

A video shared on Facebook and posted to YouTube, shows the dog panting in the backseat of the car while officers rescue it.

According to the ASPCA, temperatures inside a car -- even with the window cracked -- could rise to dangerous levels for dogs in just a matter of minutes. They warn that on an 85 degree day, the car temperature could go up to 120 degrees in just 30 minutes.

The officers were able to get the dog out of the vehicle and called the fire department to help cool the dog off with some water. The dog is reportedly in good condition and the owner has been charged with cruelty to animals.

Sources: Lift Bump, ASPCA, Facebook

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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