Police Remove 7-Year-Old From 'Deplorable' Living Conditions (Video)


Police in Massachusetts removed a young child from “deplorable” and unclean living conditions over the weekend.

Newburyport Police officers received an anonymous tip from a child abuse hotline informing them of the child's questionable living situation, WHDH reported. When police conducted the welfare check of the child's home on Sunday, they discovered the 7-year-old girl living in filthy living conditions with her relatives (video below).

Law enforcement officials have since charged Kristen D. Paquette, 32, and Debra A. Paquette, 54, with reckless endangerment of a child after they discovered trash littering the house, with much of the floor covered with dirty clothes and animal feces. There was also an infestation of flies with fly strips hanging from light fixtures.

There was so much trash around the house that it reportedly made moving around the home difficult.

Both women have been summoned to court. The date of the court appearances has not yet been confirmed, according to WHDH.

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“The kitchen was probably the worst,” said Newburyport Police Department spokesman Kevin Martin. “Absolutely horrendous conditions.”

According to neighbors, they would barely ever see the girl outside.

“I’m not even sure she got to go to school,” one neighbor told Fox News. “I go up and down this road constantly, I never saw a child.”

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The city health inspector later condemned the home and ordered all the residents to vacate the property.

Police later released a statement to the press saying: “The primary interest of all agencies involved continues to be for the well-being of the minor child and helping connect the family with services that they need. The City of Newburyport Health Department is currently working with the family in an effort to get the house cleaned up.”

Animal control was also on the scene to remove the family’s dog and cat from the premises. 

Source: FOX, WHDH

​Photo Credit: FOX, WHDH


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