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Police Remove Man's 'Second Amendment' Sign From His Property

A man in Somers, N.Y. wanted to know who was removing his pro-Second Amendment signs from his property, so he set up a camera near the entrance of his driveway.

The gun rights advocate suspected it was some neighbors, who have been annoyed by his gun signs in the past.

However, when he checked his camera's pictures, it turned out to be an unidentified Somers police officer, notes

The man's camera took several pictures showing the police officer stopping near his property, removing the sign and placing it in his police cruiser.

The pro-gun advocate posted his story on, where he did admit it was technically a violation of town code in Somers to put signs within 15 feet of the road.

However, many gun owners on that website told the man to press charges against the police officer for theft and trespassing.

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