Police Release Video of Sikh Shooter Wade Michael Page in Shootout with Cops

The Oak Creek, Wisconsin Police have released some dashboard camera footage (video below) of Wade Michael Page’s shootout with police at a Wisconsin Sikh temple last month.

The video shows Page shooting the first police officer, Lt. Brian Murphy, 15 times before he was taken down by Officer Sam Lenda.

Police said more footage from Page’s Aug. 5 attack will be released after it is determined whether Page had help before the attack, in which he killed six people and injured Murphy, before killing himself.

In the video, Lt. Murphy can be seen checking on two of Page’s earlier victims before stepping across the temple parking lot. Lt. Murphy is then hit in the throat by Page's bullet and goes down.

Page circles around the parking lot and continues shooting Murphy from about 10 feet away before Officer Lenda arrives in his own patrol car.


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