Police Release Surveillance Footage That Shows Why Teen Girl Was Shot (Video)


The Longview Police have released the surveillance video that captured the shooting of 17-year-old Kristiana Coignard on Jan. 22 in the police station in Texas.

Coignard, who had struggled with mental illness, visited the Longview Police Department. According to the police, Coignard brandished a weapon and that’s when police officers shot and killed the teenage girl.

Police told the victim’s grandmother and aunt that video of the incident exists and have now released it.

The video is about 24 minutes along and contains no audio, although police told the grandmother and aunt that video with audio exists. The first officer, Glenn Derr, appears on the scene at the 7:38 mark. He approaches Coignard and she starts inching away. A struggle ensues until Derr finally gets her to sit on a bench.

Around 10 minutes in, Derr helps Coignard off the bench and then tackles her to the ground. Coignard appears to be face down with her hands behind her back. Derr appears to have his gun drawn at this point.

Then, Officer Gene Duffle enters the lobby and Coignard almost immediately gets up. The third officer, Grace Bagley, enters and Coignard starts running towards Derr. Derr and Bagley then start shooting.

Longview Police Chief Don Dingler said Coignard was wielding a butcher's knife when she charged at Derr and that she had the words “I have a gun” written on her hand. Duffle first used his stun gun but it had “no effect,” according to police.

Medical staff didn’t arrive at the scene for almost six minutes and none of the officers appeared to make any efforts to attempt CPR.

The victim’s aunt, Heather Robinson, told ThinkProgress in an interview on Jan. 25 that she thought “it was a cry for help.”

“I think they could have done something. They are grown men,” Robinson added. “I think there is something they are not telling us.”

Source: ThinkProgressLongview News-Journal / Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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