Police Release Suicide Note of Florida Teens Who Shot Cop Before Turning Gun on Themselves


Florida police have released the suicide notes left by two Florida teenagers who killed a police officer in a murder-suicide last weekend.

Alexandria “Alex” Hollinghurst, 17, and her boyfriend, Brandon Goode, 18, are thought to be responsible for the death of Windermere police officer Robert German, who they shot before killing themselves.

Hollinghurst blamed her mother for her life going off-course in a vicious and disturbing letter.

"I could write to you for days, but I know nothing would actually make a difference to you. You are much too ignorant and self concerned (sic) to even attempt to listen or understand," Hollinghurst said in the hand-written missive.

"If I had stayed another minute I would have painted the walls and stained the carpets with my blood, so you could clean it up,” she continued, blaming her mother for accusing her of being anorexic.

“When people compare us, I vomit on the inside,” the note reads. "You are a waste of space, ignorant, and a rotten [expletive]. I wish I were never born."

Goode wrote a note to his "loving parents," apologizing for the “pain and misery” he inflicted.

"Please don’t be sad, this is what I want now, I get to die peacefully with the woman I love, the woman of my dreams, my fiancée (yes we were engaged!)," Goode wrote. "I miss ya both so much already.”

Hollinghurst’s family blamed Goode, who was arrested for attacking his mother with an ax in 2012, for leading her ftally astray. They believe that Goode murdered the teen, who moved with her family to Florida from the U.K. six years ago.

“She had everything to live for,” her grandmother, Joyce Johnson, told the Mirror.

Johnson said that her granddaughter had gone “off the rails” when she met Goode, and that the family had grounded their daughter and locked her in the house to keep her from seeing Goode. Hollinghurst had resorted to self-harm in her obsession for Goode, who was a drug addict.

Last Friday night, Hollinghurst escaped from the family’s home and met with Goode. Two days later the pair was spotted driving "erratically" in a Kissimmee Walgreens parking lot in Goode’s family SUV. They managed to get 30 miles north to Windemere after ditching the car and were walking on the street when the police officer stopped them for unknown reasons.

German called for backup but by the time it arrived, he had been fatally shot. The couple then shot themselves, authorities believe.

German, 31, was a five-year veteran of the Windemere Police Department.

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