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Police Recruitment Video Goes Viral Amid Mixed Reviews (Video)

An Oregon town’s police department created a video that has now received national attention.

Hillsboro, Ore., police need a new chief and the department decided to think outside the box to try and come up with a creative way to find its new leader.

According to Fox 12 Oregon, the department hired a local production company and shot the video during a period of three days last month. The video, which was released earlier this month, shows officers acting in a series of sketches to show what they are looking for in the new chief.

As of early Wednesday, the video has more than 48,000 views on YouTube, up from the more than 15,000 views that were reported by Fox 12 Oregon on Tuesday.

The video cost more than $9,000 to make and was paid for by taxpayer dollars.

"Honestly, it's a lot," said Lucy Gutierrez, who lives in Hillsboro, to Fox 12 Oregon. "We need to get some help, and that money could be used in a better way. I don't think it's necessary to put that video."

Another resident, disagreed.

"It's kind of nice," Jill Johnson said. "Just make them human. They're human. We're too hard on them."

The police department said funds came out of a budget specifically reserved for recruiting and they note that it would have cost thousands more if they hired a recruitment agency instead.

The Oregonian previously reported that members of the Hillsboro Police Department had expressed a lack of confidence and distrust in the agency's command staff during a morale analysis of the department that began before two top cops stepped down from their positions within a month.

Former Chief Carey Sullivan resigned in March amid ongoing labor tension.

Sources: Fox 12 Oregon, The Oregonian


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