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Brutal Murder Leads Police To Gruesome Discovery

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An 18-year-old Arkansas man was arrested for allegedly murdering a woman and then raping her dead body.

Austin Grammer was arrested after authorities found the body of Leslie Perry, 20, inside the home where both individuals lived. Police later determined that Perry's body had been abused after she was already dead.

Grammer also allegedly raped Perry before her death, the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported. 

Grammer was charged with rape, manslaughter, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. He appeared in court soon after his arrest for a bond hearing, and Judge Robin Green set his bond at $150,000. 

Grammer told police that he was born and raised in Arkansas and that his father, stepmother, sister and brother-in-law all live in the same area.

"Leslie Perry you [were] a beautiful young sweet girl who never deserved this. We all love you and justice will be pursued," a friend of Perry wrote in a social media post, according to the Daily Mail.

Perry was a devoted softball player and an avid horseback rider.

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"She had a special way with horses and enjoyed spending time with them in the pasture," the young woman's obituary read.

"Yikes, I wouldn't let my daughter near him as a roommate. He looks so creepy and insane, which [he] clearly is. He deserves the worst end of life," one Daily Mail reader commented in response to the disturbing story.

"How is there any bail? He should be denied bail just because this offense is so heinous," another added.

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Many questioned why Grammer was charged with manslaughter as opposed to a capital charge such as murder.

"There could be capital charges, but based on several hours of TV shows, my learned opinion is that it may have at first glance appeared to be a crime of passion, passion being widely-defined these days," one Democrat-Gazette reader commented. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette / Photo credit: Fox24, Facebook, Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette via Daily Mail 

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