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Police Raid Couple's House Over A "Gun" That Turned Out To Be A Remote

Police raided a British couple’s home after they were prompted to investigate by a man who mistook a remote control for a gun.

Michelle Malone and Keith Abrahams were falling asleep when 18 armed police officers came into their house trying to find the reported gun, according to MSN Now.

“I had only sat in bed and dozed off. The next thing I know I’m being ordered out of bed at gunpoint,” Abrahams said, according to the Inquistr.

Malone said she had called a paramedic earlier in the night because she felt like she was having a panic attack, but while at the house the paramedic thought he saw Abrahams holding a gun in his hand.

“The police told us the medic had seen a ten-inch black firearm being held by Keith – the remote,” Malone said.

Police took the couple into custody, questioned them and searched the house but did not find a gun at the house.

The couple was released, but Abraham he said he had to walk back home in boxers and a vest.

Malone and Abrahams have filed complaints to police about the incident.

Sources: The Inquisitr, MSN Now


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