Police Politely, Gently Arrested Accused Murderer Aaron Hernandez (Video)


These days it is not uncommon for police to break down doors, tasered unarmed suspects (children and adults), beat people in Synagogues and even fatally shoot unarmed suicidal teens.

However, on June 28, plain clothes police officers politely knocked on the front door of accused murderer and ex-NFL football player Aaron Hernandez's mansion for about a minute (2:00 minute mark, video below).

On the video, Hernandez finally opens the door, police calmly enter, close the door, handcuff him and then casually lead him to a waiting police car, noted Reason.com.

Hernandez is not wanted for a non-violent crime, but has been charged with murdering semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd and five counts of firearm possession.

According to DeadSpin.com, the prosecutor claims that Hernandez "orchestrated the execution" of Odin.

While the restrained and civilized manner of the police is to be commended, the raw video shot by WCBV-TV stands in sharp contrast to how non-famous people are often treated by police when arrested.

Source: Reason.com and DeadSpin.com


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