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Police Pin Down Man Accused Of Trying To Abduct Girls (Photo)

Police pinned down a 50-year-old man in Falkirk, Scotland, suspected of attempting to abduct two young girls, after a concerned witness warned officers.

The two girls were playing in a park when the man allegedly approached them, asking them to come with him into the woods to help him find his jacket, the Mirror reports. A neighbor who saw what happened became concerned, and called the police to report the man.

The neighbor and his son are reported to have held the man until police came to the scene.

Police later confirmed the man had been detained, and said that the investigation was ongoing.

One of the girls' mothers posted to social media about the incident, saying that the man had "given the name John Crawford to police."

"This absolute beastie scum tried to get my daughter and her friend to go into the woods with him in broad daylight," the mom wrote. "They were playing in the park when he's approached them on his bike asking if they would help him find his jacket."

The other girl's mother urged her friends on Facebook to share the photo of the heroic neighbor who saved the children.

"Rather than sharing the picture of the b****** that has been charged with attempted abduction of our daughters, share the hero's photo," she wrote. "This is Viper."

"Viper and his son saw our daughters being taken away by a man and questioned what was going on, and told our girls to run to the safety of his wife," the mother wrote.

"We will never be able to express out thanks to him and his family enough," she added. "This is the people you should be talking about -- people who put the safety of their community first and aren't afraid to question a situation that looks wrong."

"We're just so thankful that they were there," she wrote.

In a similar incident in March, a man heroically tackled a 23-year-old woman who had lured a 2-year-old girl from her mother by singing songs from the Disney musical "Frozen," according to The Sun.

"She tried to lure her away by singing 'Frozen' songs so her mum found her strange and took hold of [the girl's] hand," said a family member of the 2-year-old. "As she did that the woman pushed her over and then grabbed her and ran."

"Her [mom] tried to chase her but had the new baby in the [stroller] as well, she couldn't keep up to her," she added. "The next thing she knew this man came from nowhere and ran after her and tackled her to the floor and held her there till police arrived."

Police arrested the woman, and the family thanked the stranger for his role in saving the young girl.

"Lucky for us for the man had seen what had happened and acted fast, otherwise god knows what would of happened," said the relative. "[Mom] and daughter are both fine. Very shaken but otherwise OK."

Sources: Mirror, The Sun / Photo credit: Stiller Beobachter/Flickr

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