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Police Order Two Citizens Not to Film Them (Video)

Two people have recently posted videos on YouTube that show police officers telling them not to film.

According to, one of the videos (below) was shot in San Francisco by a man who is surrounded by police telling him to stop recording.

The man's YouTube page states:

On the day of the Anti-TPP rally in front of the Federal bldg. I was on my way to Swords To Plowshares (a veterans resource center) to check my mail a few blocks from the protest/demonstration site.

After crossing the road in what has been called J-walking, all the while watching the traffic at the STOP light less than half a block away, I see a motorcycle cop, flying my inverted flag high in the middle of the street. I hurry across so as not to block traffic since the light turned green, 2 seconds later as I step onto the curb the officer on the bike barks at me to stop as he climbs off his bike.

The man was handcuffed and detained.

The second video (below) reportedly happened in Palm Bay, Fla. on Feb 22.

That man posted on his YouTube page:

Cop (car 181) pulls gun on homeowner realizing hes being taped says ive threatened him... to give himself justification.

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