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Police Open Fire on Bird Collector Wielding Plastic Flute, Toy Gun

A truly bizarre series of events that included a weaponized plastic flute, exotic birds, a toy gun, and a very real shootout unfolded in Arkansas on Wednesday.

It all started when a woman phoned police with a report about a suspicious van. The caller stated that her uncle, 40-year-old Rainbow Kilo Rasphoumy, was possibly mentally disturbed and often came to her house to bother her.

Police caught up to the man and signaled him to pull over, but Rasphoumy did not immediately comply. He eventually pulled over in a Walmart parking lot and remained uncooperative – so uncooperative, in fact, that Rasphoumy allegedly attacked police officers with a plastic flute.

Police tased Rasphoumy, but it had little effect. Rasphoumy retaliated by pulling out what police later found out was a toy gun and brandished it at police.

Not a wise move – the police opened fire on Rasphoumy, missing the man and striking his vehicle. Rasphoumy then retreated into his van and locked the doors. SWAT and negotiators were called to the scene and after a tense 45-minute stand-off, Rasphoumy finally relented and was escorted away by police.

Police investigated the van to find a toy gun, three parakeets, three chickens, and two ducks. There is no indication that any of the birds were harmed during the shootout.

Rasphoumy has been charged with aggravated assault, assault in the first degree, and resisting arrest. Police are still investigating the incident. Considering how weird this story his, the caller’s claims that Rasphoumy was mentally disturbed may not be far off from the truth.

“It was a little strange, not something you see every day,” said Springdale PD Captain Mike Peters.

Source: NBC News


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