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Police Once Saved Man Who Reportedly Killed Officer

Police Once Saved Man Who Reportedly Killed Officer Promo Image

A man accused of killing an Ohio police officer was reportedly saved by police in 2015.

In 2015, police in Liberty, Ohio, saved Jason Marble by giving him an opioid overdose antidote and performing CPR, according to KTLA. On Oct. 21, Marble, 38, is accused of fatally shooting 31-year-old Girard Police Officer Justin Leo.

"It was rather disturbing to find out we saved his life, and two years later he ended an officer's life," said Liberty Township Police Chief Rich Tisone.

Police arrived to a home on a call around 10 p.m. on Oct. 21, where Marble allegedly shot Leo. Another officer returned fire, killing Marble.

Leo had worked at the Girard Police Department as an officer for around five years. In the wake of his death, Girard Mayor Jim Melfi said numerous people have come forward with stories about how Leo had made an impact on their lives.

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"For example, he had a call about some young kids playing in the neighborhood, maybe trespassing, and he showed up in uniform," the mayor said. "He ended up tossing the football to them."

"He was an amazing person," said Melfi.

Another resident wrote on Facebook about how the officer had helped pay for a traffic ticket for a disabled veteran.

On the street where Leo was shot, residents have posted police flags and blue ribbons on trees, along with memorials for the fallen officer.

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"I wanted to be here for his family," said Don Whisler, one of many who gathered to watch police escort the officer's remains to a funeral home. "I didn't know him. But it's so sad. It hurts."

In the 2015 incident where police and firefighters saved Marble, the man had been found slumped over the steering wheel of a moving car. Police officers gave him CPR until firefighters arrived to administer naloxone, which reverses the effects of an opioid overdose, to revive Marble, according to WKBN.

He was charged with felony drug possession and driving under the influence.

The Trumbull County Coroner is conducting Marble's autopsy, and has yet to release details on his death.

"These are obviously very difficult cases and very sensitive cases for obvious reasons," said Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation Superintendent Thomas Stickrath.

Investigators are examining Marble's weapon, along with the weapons of Leo and the partner who returned fire on Marble.

"We have the interviews and we have our own laboratory work that we'll do," said Stickrath. "I won't go into detail on what we're examining in the laboratory in terms of evidence but clearly, that takes some period of time."

Sources: KTLA, WKBN / Featured Image: Spaztacular/Flickr / Embedded Images: WKBN, Girard Police Department via WKBN

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