Police Officer Wearing Bikini Stops Thief (Photo)


A sunbathing Swedish female police officer captured international attention after catching a thief while donning a bikini on July 27.

Mikaela Kellner explains she went after the man with a fellow police officer when he stole her cell phone at Stockholm's Ralambshov Park, BBC reports.

“I just acted on instinct and didn’t think about it so much until after we had him pinned down,” said Kellner, reports The Local. “When I sat there and looked at our other two friends who are not police officers and realized that it probably looked pretty funny. But I would have stepped in no matter my outfit.”

The thief initially approached Kellner and her friends under the guise he was selling publications that benefit the homeless.

But after the man lingered, the woman grew suspicious.

"I told my friends to keep an eye on their things. But as soon as he left one of my friends said, 'Where did my mobile phone go?'" Kellner recalls.

"There was no time, so I ran after him, maybe 15 meters or so," she added

"One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him. He tried to get away so we held onto him harder,” Kellner continued.

After recovering her friend's phone, Kellner earned the praise of many worldwide after she uploaded a photo of herself tackling the man in her bikini on Instagram.

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"I've had a lot of positive comments both from friends and colleagues," said Kellner. "It happens all the time that valuables are taken like this ... I mainly just wanted to raise awareness of how cunning these people are, almost like magicians."

Within two days, over 12,000 people had liked the picture.

While some commented on her bathing suit and body, most congratulated the police officer on a job well done.

“Well done! He will think twice before he will try it again!” wrote one user to Kellner, who has worked as a police officer for over eleven years.

Sources: BBCThe Local / Photo credit: Tony Webster/Flickr

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