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N.C. Police Officers Go Above And Beyond To Help Family Escape Abuse

Officers in Charlotte, North Carolina, went above and beyond the call of duty by using their own money to help a mother and her children escape her abusive husband. The officers' good deed has since gone viral.

Three officers were recently called to a domestic disturbance, according to an Oct. 23 post on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Facebook page. A man had locked his stepdaughter out of their apartment and he wouldn’t let her come inside.

The mother told officers Overman, Williams, and Pupo when they arrived that she feared for her safety and for the safety of her five children. She told the officers that she wanted to leave, but didn’t have the resources.

The officers called around to shelters, but none had room for a family of six. Instead, they took the family to a hotel. They used their own money to pay for two nights in the hotel and gave them enough money to eat dinner and breakfast the next morning.

Sources: Fox 32, Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook


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