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Police Officers in India Charge Unlikely Suspect with Coercion and Intimidation: a Baby

They’re starting early.

The BBC reports that police officers in rural Uttar Pradesh, India, charged a baby with coercion and intimidation. The child, whose name is Nazim, is somewhere between 10 months and one year old.

Though it may seem that the baby was charged accidentally, the case is not one of mistaken identity.

During the lead-up to local elections, officers made a list of suspected trouble-makers to round up; both Nazim and his father were named on the list.

As the Times of India reports, the officers felt that Nazim and his cronies would try to intimidate voters.

Officers delivered the summons to the family on Saturday. A senior police official in Moradabad, however, has said that the baby is in the clear.

“We have taken the matter very seriously and are ensuring such incidents do not happen in the future,” the senior police official said, noting that the two officers involved were suspended on Thursday.

As the BBC reports, recent years have seen at least two other cases in which kids aged 6 or younger were booked on serious charges. A 9-month old was charged with attempted murder in Pakistan earlier this year.

Sources: Newser, Sun News

Photo Sources: Newser, Too Step


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