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Police Officer's Encounter With Biker Takes Unexpected Turn (Video)

An altercation between police and a group of bikers escalated quickly, as one cop threatened a biker with jail time for cursing at his partner.

In the now viral footage of the incident (below) filmed by Michael Cates, a biker and cop in North Carolina are seen arguing with each other. Reports say that the bikers were angry after witnessing the police cruiser going 100 mph in a 60 mph speed limit zone with no sirens or lights on, and the cop driving allegedly almost drove through the group of bikers.

After biker and retired truck driver Russell Ayers allegedly called one cop a “f**king idiot,” the other officer told him he had to apologize for what he said.

“All I want you to do is apologize for what you called my brother, the guy I go into battle with every day,” the cop told Ayers, who pointed out that the cop was driving erratically. “I’m not justifying that, you’re right. That’s unsafe. I’m not justifying that behavior, what I’m telling you that when you call my brother an idiot we’ve got problems.”

“He said a f**ing idiot,” retorted the biker’s buddy.

As the confrontation continues, neither Ayers nor the officer back down, and eventually, the cop threatens Ayers with jail time.

“I was asking you a man to man request,” the officer said.

“Man to man I will not take back what I said,” Ayers responded. “It takes a f**king idiot to run down that road like that.”

“If you say it again then you’re going to jail, fair enough?” the cop threatens. “I’ve warned you.”

“That’s drastic,” Cates, behind the camera, says.

Following the altercation, the bikers claim they continued to be harassed by the local police, despite being told they were free to go.

“We pulled around all the cop cars and parked,” Cates explained to The Free Thought Project. “Got off our bikes and we left about 30 minutes after that. Went back to our town three miles away and met a [T]homasville cop. He turned around in the middle of the road to come chase us. We pulled in a restaurant and he pulled in across the street to a parking lot where he sat until we left. When we left my friend went left and I went right. The cop followed me until I pulled over on the shoulder he pulled up beside me. I asked him to stop following me, then he went around me.”

In a written account of the incident, Ayers says he refused to be bullied by the cops.

“I was about killed by a negligent officer, and I will not be silenced under the 1st amendment,” Ayers wrote. “With that said I do have respect for 99% of all law enforcement. It’s just ... the 1% really make the rest look bad.”

Take a look at the heated altercation below.

Source: The Free Thought Project


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