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Police Officers: Criminals With Badges

If it's one group of people everyone loves to hate and has a dang good reason to hate, it's police officers. They have a terrible reputation that is 100% completely and totally deserved. 

Police officers know they are above the law. They know they can do whatever the hell they please and get away with it, because their superiors will always side with them, even if the dash cam shows them out-of-line. They yell and scream at you for no reason, even if you are compliant. They're quick to taser, open-fire, and club you within an inch of your life for no apparent reason. They let their tempers get the better of them more often than not. 

Police officers worldwide are out-of-control. Police brutality is at an all-time high and is never, ever prosecuted nor are there any sanctions for bad behavior. They know they aren't accountable to the law, they snub at the average person referring to us as "civilians" rather than "citizens." 

What's worse is when you have a legitimate complaint, they don't do a darn thing. A year ago I was threatened at my job, I felt my safety was in danger so I called the police and they didn't do anything besides show up. Two years ago my father physically assaulted me with a weapon. I wanted to press charges but they wouldn't even take my statement. I constantly complain to the local police about my overly noisy neighbors, they do nothing. A car blows by me a 90 MPH and I'm doing 77 (two MPH over the speed limit) guess who gets pulled over? ME! What's wrong with this picture? In that last one I got away with a warning, but still, that's ridiculous. 

It's time to hold our police officers accountable for the crimes they commit against law-abiding citizens every day. If you're in trouble, don't bother calling the police, you can handle it much better yourself or with the help of a buddy. Police don't care about you, all they care about is appeasing their superiors so they can keep their jobs. 


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