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Police Officer Who Smashed Window on Camera Wins Over $700,000 in Suit Against Department (Video)

A police officer recently received a large payout after filing a suit against his former department for lost earnings and public humiliation.

Mike Baillon became known after video of him smashing a driver’s window following a 17-minute chase went viral. The video was viewed over 30 million times on YouTube, and soon after, Baillon was facing charges from the man he had chased down.

The incident happened in 2009 when 71-year-old Robert Whatley was pulled over by Baillon for not wearing a seatbelt. After Baillon approached the car to talk to him, Whatley sped away, and the 17-minute chase ensued.

Whatley eventually stopped, and Baillon got out of his car, ran up to the window, and proceeded to smash it repeatedly out of anger.

Whatley was charged with a number of different offenses following the chase, but due to the window smashing, he actually filed a civil claim against the police. That case was settled in 2012.

Baillon was cleared of wrongdoing thanks to an investigation by his department in 2011, but not long after, he wound up lodging a complaint against the Gwent Police for a number of reasons, including being relocated to a local department. At the time, the force insisted his "judgement may be impaired."

A court disagreed.

Baillon has now been awarded over $700,000 from the claim against his former employer.


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