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Police Officer Warns Man Not to Wash Car in His Private Driveway (Video)

In Garden City, N.Y., last month, a man was approached by a police officer for preparing to wash his car in his own driveway, which is private property.

According to, the police officer walked onto the driveway and told the unidentified man (and his friend), "Your neighbor doesn't like you."

The officer then added that washing a car on private property violates a city ordinance because it's in "public view," notes (video below).

"You're not allowed to do it,” said the police officer. "I don’t just make this s*** up. I ain't just driving down the street to come over here and break your balls."

When the men remind him the car is on private property, the officer responded, "Okay that's what you say, it's still in public view."

The police officer then threatened to cite the men if they washed the car.

"We will be back here to give you tickets," he said. "... You don't want us being upset with you. You don't want cops coming over here to check everything out."



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