Police Officer Under Investigation For Facebook Comment About Gun Confiscation


A Connecticut police officer is at the heart of an internal investigation by the Branford Police Department after a series of comments he made on Facebook.

Officer Joseph Peterson was found telling a man he couldn’t wait to “bang down your door and come for your gun.”

Peterson’s comment was directed at a man named Cameron Smith. The two men were discussing Connecticut’s new law that essentially turns gun owners with semi-automatic rifles into felons if they fail to register their guns.

Smith first provoked Peterson with this comment:

“Just so everyone is clear. POLICE OFFICER Joseph Peterson would round up jews and put them in ghettos, if the government told him to. Just let that sink in. He is the EXACT reason we have the 2nd Amendment.”

In response, Peterson wrote, “I give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun…you idiot grow up.”

Here is the exchange:

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Peterson’s comments made their way across the Internet and were brought to the attention of the Branford Police Department. Police Captain Geoffrey Morgan said Peterson has been on workers' compensation leave since before his comments were made.

“We want people to know he is off the street,” Morgan said. The police captain added that “at a minimum” he doesn’t expect Peterson to be back any time soon. The Branford Police Department is currently conducting an internal investigation.

“We pride ourselves on being completely transparent,” Morgan said. “That’s how we do things here.”

Source: Freedom Outpost, The Blaze


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