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Police Officer Tries, Fails To Detain Law Student (Video)

An unidentified law student was reportedly stuck behind a slow driver, but when she was able to pass him, allegedly gave the finger.

However, the driver of the car was a police officer, possibly off-duty, driving an unmarked car.

The officer pulled the law student over and she filmed the encounter (video below), which was posted on YouTube.

The woman's husband posted a link to the video on with the title, "Off duty cop tried to flex his badge at my Law Student Wife. BIG MISTAKE!"

In the video, the cop asks the female driver if she is "gonna be smart," but she replies by asking him if he is off duty. The officer claims that he is "always on duty" and requests her driver's license and registration.

The law student replies by asking him if she is being detained, three times.

When he finally admits she is not being detained, she simply drives off.

According to The Free Thought Project, she originally included this description on the YouTube page where the video was posted:

“I asked him repeatedly if I was being detained. When I confirmed I was not, I left, as I was legally free to do so. Our basic constitutional rights protect us from these types of unreasonable stops. And just so everyone is aware, after this occurred, I contacted every police/sheriffs department in my area, whether they had jurisdiction or not, and inquired about this officer, and not a single department knew who he was. Clearly, this idiot was off duty, outside his jurisdiction, and pulled me over simply because he thought he could. While I have all the respect in the world for officers, and appreciate what they do for us on a daily basis, I will not tolerate abuse of power- and neither should you."

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